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DGS Replicated

Breeding Fee:- $1,250.00

17.2 Hand Grey AQHA Stallion - AQHA Performance Champion With Superiors: Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, Dressage & Halter

SIRE :- Indian Artifacts

DAM :-Viva Valentina (JC) by What A Valentine (JC)

GENETICS:-7 Panel NN Including OWLS NN - Homozygous Black - EE & Agouti - Aa and Carries One Copy Gray Gene; 50% Foals Will Be Gray

AQHA Performance Champion; DGS Replicated whom is descended from an amazing line of performers and producers. Representative of his exceptional movement and conformation is DGS Replicated’s extensive and versatile show record. A multiple AQHA Year End High Points Champion and an USDF All-Breed High Point Reserve Champion in Dressage, and holding AQHA Superiors in Working Hunter, Hunter Hack, Halter and Dressage, he additionally earned points in jumping and retired near his AQHA Superior in Hunter Under Saddle. WOW! The first of his foals have arrived and will be entering the show ring over the next few years, and we are thrilled; they are phenomenal. Nominations include Premier Quarter Sires and NSBA BCF & SIF.

Breeding Contract for Shipped Semen Breeding Doc

Rebreed Letter for DGS Replicated

Rebreed Mare Form for DGS Replicated

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Step #1 – INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOOKING – Thank you for choosing to book to DGS Replicated for the 2023 Breeding Season. We are excited to work with you! At the time you proceed to check out, you will find that you must have or must make an account.

Booking Fee – Select your Booking Fee Type; Standard, Futurity, Donated or Rebreed Booking Fee.  Select NONE if you have already paid your booking fee and are here on-line to pay the balance of your breeding fee.

Breeding Fee Type – Select either Standard, Futurity or Donated Breeding Fee.  If you are paying only your Booking Fee today, Select NONE in this section.

Futurity or Donated Breedings – Please identify the name of the association or charity in the text box.

Mare Name – Please enter her registered name in the text box.

Choose Pay Booking Fee Only or Pay Full Amount and “Add it to the Cart”.  You may book now and pay the balance later, or, pay both booking and breeding fee together.

Step # 2 – OBTAIN YOUR DISCOUNT COUPON CODE – Refer to the “Discount Schedule Section” to find your best available booking discount and for help calculating your breeding fee.  There is a PDF to review and you will find the available discounts listed in this section.  When you get to check out, come back to this Stallion Page, locate and copy the appropriate Discount Coupon Code and then enter it once you view your shopping cart.

Step #3 – ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Please review the “Additional Information” section for any additional notes or genetic testing requirements as may apply to your booking.

MULTIPLE MARES:  If you have more than one mare, and are not paying both the booking fee and the breeding fee at one time, please complete each mare on their own and separate transaction in order to keep balance(s) due and easy to track and identify.

SEMEN ORDERS – You may order and pay for Shipped Cooled Semen Via FedEx/UPS, Airline or Customer Pick Up from the “Shipped Semen” drop down menu.  You may pay for On Farm Inseminations from the “Haul-In” drop down menu.  You may add these items to your cart at the same time you book, or, you may pay at a later date; prior to your shipment.

STALLION BREEDING CONTRACT – To complete your Stallion Breeding Contract, simply download the fillable form, fill it out and email it back to us with a copy of your mare’s registration paper(s) to or you may upload the Stallion Breeding Contract, your mares registration papers and any culture or genetic testing documents at Check Out via the handy form uploader.

SHIPPED SEMEN PORTION OF BREEDING CONTRACT – To complete your Shipping Instructions to us, type in the name of the breeding facility, veterinarian or your name along with a complete address, the name of the contact person including office and cell phone plus an email for shipping notifications.

Additional information

Booking Fee

DGS Replicated Standard Booking Fee($275), DGS Replicated Booking Fee – Futurity/SSA($275), DGS Replicated Booking Fee – Donated/Charity($275), DGS Replicated Booking Fee – Rebreed($275), DGS Replicated Administration Fee($175), None

Breeding Fee

DGS Replicated Standard Breeding Fee($975), DGS Replicated Futurity/SSA Breeding Fee($975), DGS Replicated Donated/Charity Breeding Fee($975), None

Stallion Flyer 2023 - Front

Stallion Flyer 2023 - Back

Breeding Introduction Letter for DGS Replicated

DGS Replicated Breeding Fees and Discounts

2023 Breeding Contract for Shipped Semen Breeding Doc
2023 Shipped Cooled Semen Instructions
2023 Shipped Cooled Semen Order Form
2023 Breeding Contract for Haul-In Breeding Doc
2023 Haul-In On Farm Breeding Instructions
DeGraff Stables CC Authorization Form
DeGraff Stables Breeding Contacts & Check List

Rebreed Letter and Rebreed Mare Form :-
1. Rebreed Letter for DGS Replicated
2. Rebreed Mare Form for DGS Replicated

Foal Incentives and Engagements 2023
Foal Incentives and Engagements 2022

5-Generation Pedigree

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    DGS Replicated - $975 - Futurity/SSA Breeding Fee Discount


    DGS Replicated - $975 - Donated/Charity Breeding Fee Discount


    DGS Replicated - $500 - World/Reserve World Champion or Producer Discount


    DGS Replicated - $350 - Congress Ch/Congress Res Ch or Producer Discount


    DGS Replicated - $100 - Past Breeder Appreciation Discount


    DGS Replicated - $100 - Multiple Mare Discount (2nd Mare)



    Refer above to the "DISCOUNT COUPON LIST" or “ PRINTABLE DISCOUNT SCHEDULE” to find your best available booking Discount Code and for help calculating your breeding fee. This is a PDF which may be viewed for your convenience.

    Once you have "ADDED YOUR BREEDING TO THE CART" and have finished shopping and are ready to check out:
    2. Go to your "SHOPPING CART" and paste the Discount Code in the "COUPON CODE" Box and
    3. Click On "APPLY COUPON CODE".
    4. You will note that the Coupon Discount Amount is displayed below your items and underneath "Cart Sub-Totals". Your new amount to pay has been calculated and the Total appears at the bottom.

    If you qualify for more than one Discount Code, please come back, copy your second code and repeat by pasting the code on your Shopping Cart page.

    MAXIMUM DISCOUNT For DGS Replicated is $350

    17.2 Hand Grey AQHA Stallion - AQHA Performance Champion With Superiors: Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, Dressage & Halter

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